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Dalmatian vocal ensembles

For the past 10 years, our town has been a traditional gathering place of Dalmatian vocal ensembles (klape). They cherish the love for the traditional Dalmatian song and the authentic Dalmatian word. Every year, this manifestation takes place at the town market. The unique acoustics of Opuzen small and narrow streets (kale) contributes to the atmosphere.
Folk games
Marathon boats on the NeretvaPirates of the Neretva
If you wish to run away from Klek for a moment, a visit to Opuzen, a small Dalmatian town close by, would be a perfect solution for you. Why? It abounds in entertainment events. During the summer, many folk games and festivities are organized in this small Dalmatian town.
Folk games
Fun - Opuzen Wine-makers evening (a selection of the best wine and domestic brandy) and the fish stew competition (brudetijada - preparing the best fish stew) are only an introduction to the series of unique events the people of the Valley live for the entire year.
Dalmatian vocal ensembles
Sport Games The town market is also the venue for numerous folk games organized almost every night. They attract the hosts and the visitors alike. They participate with equal zeal.

Every inhabitant of the Valley will highlight the Traditional Boat Marathon (Maraton lađa) as an important event. 40 000 visitors honor this unique show, the attraction you can only wish for, watching the traditional boat race with pirate crews along the Neretva River shore. It reminds of the ancient history of the pirates of the Neretva region, and the famous old-time vessels. The people of the Valley have defended and preserved their river, its delta, and the adjacent part of the sea. For centuries, life could not have been imaginable for workers, fishermen and hunters of this area without these traditional boats (and the flat-bottomed boats called trupice).

With the first days of October, the Neretva River Valley assumes a golden color. This is the sign that the fruit of the endless mandarin orchards is ready to be picked.
The sun and sea most certainly aren't our only attributes, and the best we can do is to wish You a warm welcome so You could see for yourself why we deserve to be called THE GOLDEN VALLEY.

Marathon - Neretva